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1980's Era

  • 80s Purple Pizazz Wig
    $29.95 80s Purple Pizazz Wig

  • 80s Rock Wig
    $17.50 80s Rock Wig
    One Size

  • $12.50 Hip Hop Inflatable Boom Box

  • Inflatable Guitar
    $5.95 Inflatable Guitar

  • Jersey Girl Wig
    $14.95 Jersey Girl Wig

  • Mullet
    $32.50 Choose Options Mullet
    Available in Black, Brown, Blonde, and Honey.

  • Mullet Wig
    $14.95 Choose Options Mullet Wig
    Available in Brown, Blonde, Black.

  • Neon Belt
    $9.95 Choose Options Neon Belt
    Green and Pink

  • Piano Tie
    $6.95 Piano Tie